The English come to visit at Hanan Hagaban’s

The Ministry of Tourism today brought a group of guests from England to visit the fromagerie. The guests came to Israel for a week’s visit in order to get to know Israel from a different angle.

It was a small group that consisted of magazine editors, bloggers and Instagram celebrities in the fields of food and lifestyle.

The visit began with an explanation about Herut, next to the old cowshed, from where we strolled to the vegetable garden, picking some lettuce, celery and arugula.

We continued in a conversation about the cheeses and viewed the cheeses producing rooms and the cheeses aging rooms.

The guests were enthusiastic about the cheeses and hospitality, and about sitting in the avocado plantation and the wine, cheeses and other treats served.

For us it was a great honor to host the team.

So before thousands of English people flock to Israel in the direction of Hanan Hagaban’s

Go out to enjoy all the nature around us and come to visit us in the fromagerie!

Have good day!