A visit of the veterans of Moshav Herut

Hello everyone

Today the veterans of the moshav (second generation) arrived for a visit in our visitors’ center.

We started by gathering near the old cowshed where we explained about the project and the work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism.

We told each other how things used to be (cowshed, heated brooders houses and chicken coop, and how many cows each one had …)

From there we continued toward the production room, explaining about the milk and where it came from, and how I make the cheeses.

We watched the cheese rooms and the video how to make Tzfat cheese, and finished with a joint meal under the avocado trees.

It was exciting for me to host the veterans of the moshav.

Thanks to the guests and special thanks to Sarah and Moishe Pinsky who brought a gift of old jars of Israeli Lebeniah and yogurt to our old tools presentation.


Good health wishes to everyone,

May be all meet only in the celebrations.

Good day Hanan Hagaban