A few words about THE achievement of me being accepted as a member of the World Cheese Guild

Hello my clients, friends and family.

This post is dedicated to you.

Being accepted as a member of the World Cheese Guild this week was one of the highlights in my journey that began about ten years ago in my home kitchen,

continued in establishing the fromagerie, traveling to Italy, France, the Netherlands and England to learn the art of artisan cheese making,

expending the fromagerie and turning it into one of the leading brands in the Israeli artisan cheese market.

This evening I have received compliments from Guild members on the quality and taste of cheeses (and I very much appreciate it)

However, you, my clients, friends and family have a great deal to do with the achievement.

Without your help and contribution, I would not have gained this achievement and for this I would like to send a big thank you to you all!

I wish us many more years of creativity and fulfillment, and eating only the best cheeses, of course.

Love you

Hanan Hagaban