Making Mozzarella Cheese for the First Time


Hello Dear Friends

In the post two weeks ago, I promised that I would start making Mozzarella in my Fromagerie.

So, the moment has come!

Together with my daughter Nitzan, we made real mozzarella cheese just for you.

I am in charge of producing the curds and forming the balls and Nitzan is on the braiding.

During the making the mozzarella it was necessary to overcome several obstacles:

In Italy the mozzarella is produced from unpasteurized milk, in Israel, the law obligates Pasteurizing the milk when making the cheese.

This process significantly changes the production process.

I will not go into details regarding milk bacteria (the good ones) and what happens to them during heating, etc., but converting the process to Israeli milk and kosher acid for acidification was not simple …

Eventually, the result was better than the Cheese that I made in Italy, so I invite you to come today or tomorrow (Friday) to taste the mozzarella, with a bit of Tamar tomatoes, basil leaves, olive oil …

Right now, I’m not selling this mozzarella just letting you, my love ones, to taste it.

I hope that from the next week on you are able to come and buy as much as you wish.

Have a nice and pleasant weekend


Hanan Hagaban