Visiting the Winery of Neiva, Italy

Hello Everyone!

At the request of Amnon Ben Yosef right from the distant India, “What about wine? “I’m writing to you this time about visiting a very special winery.

One day during my visit to Italy, we visited a winery in the nearby town of Nieve. In this town resides the oldest winery in the region of Piedmont.

The winery was founded in 1582 and is situated on one of the hills in the town.

The place is surrounded by many vineyards planted on the slopes of the hills, and from far away you can see the snowy Alp mountains.

The winery is built of terracotta bricks and dug underground in the tuff soil. The lowest place in the winery is located at a depth of 8 m’ below ground and maintains a temperature of 10 – 11 degrees in all seasons.

The owners are very strict about growing a quality vineyard. They choose the best grapes, which ensures the quality of wine.

It is the smallest and oldest winery in the area. The winery was preserved as it was in its founding. And they produce and preserve in wine barrels Barbaresco, Barolo, Muscato, Grappa and more.

We toured the winery amid old and new oak barrels, got a detailed explanation and went to the wine room located at the bottom of the winery’s house, there we sat: Hanan Hagaban, Motke the Milkman, and Felice the Shepherd – you must to admit, sounds like the beginning of a joke …

We sliced pieces of the Grana Fadano cheese and drank from the winery wines until we were slightly drunk.

We ended the evening by marching through the alleys of the town and with a small espresso, driving back to the hotel anticipating the next long school day.

For those interested, I attach website URL where you can read and get more information:

Cantina Del Glicine

Via Giulio Cesare 1